Demo 2016

by One Force

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released April 10, 2016



all rights reserved


One Force Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Numbers
Strength in numbers

Get in where you fit in but it's getting tight
just because your with others doesn't mean that you're right
Track Name: Between the Two
Between the Two

The separation of me and you,
it isn't hard to find

A barrier that we've tried to break,
one too many times

It's not my fault
You fell into it so hard,
Its not my job to pick you up

I'm just trying to whats best for myself in a world where my back is watched by no one else

And I Can't see a world where you are anything like me.

I've faced the problem and I'll face it again
I can't put anything into something that is not who I am

And when one is left a user and the others left used

Where am I supposed to stand between the two?
Track Name: Time
You don't think that I know why
you wont do a think unless it's in the public eye

I've seen you talk your way out
of everything you've done
but you can't distance yourself

Further from the problems you create

Sick of gossip
Sick of lies
Sick of dealing with spies

When the time comes I doubt you'll have the strength to look me in the eyes

The facade you think you execute so well
so well, it's played out

You think the world revolves around you
Well your world's about to go south

It's Time

Too much time has passed
You've gotten pass after pass
Now it's time
to face your disgrace